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For Students

  • Add the most trending skillset.
  • Improve your CV with your digital skills.
  • Make money through digital means.
  • High (ROI) on investment through Online Digital Marketing Course.
  • Get high paid jobs with attractive earning options like freelancing & affiliate marketing.

For Working Professionals.

  • Upgrade your skill set to match industry standards.
  • Earn money through Adsense.
  • Build a demanding and rewarding career.
  • Adapt new age technique of marketing.

For Entrepreneur.

  • Showcase your product & services in an innovative way.
  • Lead Generation by Email Marketing using digital marketing classes.
  • Build your brand presence on social media.
  • Become your own sales partner by grasping digital marketing skills.

Modules Covered by SIDAM

Facebook Ads
content marketing

As the name of the module recommends, learners will be acquainted with the field of Digital Marketing. Find solutions to the what’s, the reason’s and how’s of Digital Marketing, from our master coaches. It will give you a fair idea regarding the extent of Digital Marketing, and the different ideas related with it. This module is planned in order to assist you with understanding the significance, applications and rudiments of Digital Marketing. Exceptionally for the individuals who are new to this field. This module would have you in a superior situation to learn and comprehend the possible progressed subjects.

This module is committed to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is major and important part of Digital Marketing. Under this, you will be acquainted with the significant web indexes, and different angles identified with them like how they work and so forth You would likewise be given an understanding into significant and center SEO ideas like Keyword examination and rivalry, On-page and Off-Page advancement. The structure of the module is with the end goal that before its finish, students won’t simply pick up the basic information and abilities, yet in addition will have the option to actualize them

  • How Search Engine Work, LSI, Semantic Search
  • Content-type and relevancy
  • Keyword Research
  • Initial site analysis, competitor analysis, keyword density, title, keyword, description, other mete tags development
  • Anchor tags, Image Optimization
  • Robot.txt, canonical, Redirection
  • Understanding link types
  • Link Building 
  • Guest Bloggings
  • Infographic
  • Blog comments
  •  Classified social bookmarking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • What Is Local SEO?
  • Submission to Google My Business
  • Local SEO Negative Signals
  • Importance of Local SEO
  • Local SEO Ranking Signals
  • Completing the Profile
  • Citations and Local Submissions

In this module we teach the complete Search Engine Marketing. This will help you to boost your career in as a SEM expert.     

  • Introduction to Search Engine Paid Marketing
  • Account Structure
  • Campaign Setting
  • Keyword Match Setup
  • Understanding Ad Auction
  • Types of Bidding in AdWords
  • Ad Formats
  • Ad Guidelines
  • Ad Extensions
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Interface Tour and Billing Setting
  • Ad Group Setup
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • What Is Quality Score

A module that will train the trainees on topics related to Google Analytics like importance of analytics for business, installing Analytics code in site, analytics account structure, analytics settings etc. The goal is to acquaint you with Google’s service to facilitate intelligent data collection and analysis for wiser online marketing and business specific decisions.

  • What is Analytics?
  • Importance of Analytics for Business
  • Popular Analytics Software’s
  • Key Performance Indicators [KPI] in Analytics(bounce rates, time on page / site, exit rate, conversion rate,engagement rate)
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Installing Analytics Code in a Site
  • Analytics Account Structure
  • Search Appearance
  • Introduction to Google Search Console
  • Interface Tour of Google Analytics
  • General Tools in Analytics
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Audience Report
  • Acquisition Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Conversion Tracking – Goal Setting
  • Settings in Analytics

Master the art of Email marketing by learning how to create impact making creative advertisements to promote a business, build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, by making use of one of the most powerful marketing mediums i.e. Email marketing. No surprise that emails are used by the majority, and direct E-mail marketing will result into a higher rate of response along with an increased average order value for e-commerce businesses

Expert the craft of Email marketing by figuring out how to make sway making inventive commercials to advance a business, assemble brand mindfulness, trust and dedication, by utilizing one of the most impressive advertising mediums for example Email promoting. Nothing unexpected that messages are utilized by the lion’s share, and direct E-mail promoting will result into a higher pace of reaction alongside an expanded normal request an incentive for online business organizations

Trainees will be taught effective and proven techniques to boost lead generation, in a practical manner. Learn the art of discovering and verifying leads, so as to gain the most out of the referrals, and convert prospects into long lasting customers.

Students will be shown compelling and demonstrated procedures to help lead generation, in a handy way. Get familiar with the craft of finding and checking leads, to pick up the most out of the references, and convert possibilities into durable clients.

Learn the effective use of SMS Marketing for promotional purposes, and gain the maximum out of them. SMS Marketing turns out to be useful in retaining customers as it helps in communicating time-sensitive alerts, updates and offers to those who have permitted to receive such messages from your business.

Get to learn everything related to Mobile Marketing, as a part of this module. It includes aspects like app creation strategy, mobile apps engagement, promoting site in mobile apps, and so on. Mobile has turned out into a zone which you simply cannot ignore from the Digital Marketing perspective. You got to have knowledge about it. This is exactly what this module does.

  • Mobile Apps Engagement
  • Mobile App Installs Campaign
  • Growth in the Mobile Industry
  • Promoting Site in Mobile Apps
  • Benefits of Mobile Marketing
  • Targeting Options in Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Marketing Goals
  • Mobile Ad Formats
  • Reporting in Mobile Ads

With the assistance of intensive training, this specific module prepares you to outfit the advantages offered by online showcase promoting, as a piece of your general advertising technique. The preparation will help the students in guaranteeing the online presentation promoting activities and make conceivable critical increases in their image-building efforts. Learners will likewise be shown the creation and arrangement of show crusades in a pragmatic way, alongside the prescribed procedures in online showcase publicizing.

  • How Display Ads Works
  • Benefits of Display Advertising
  • Creating a Display Campaign Bidding Strategies
  • Targeting Option in Display Network
  • Calculating ROI
  • CPC, CPM, ECPC, CPA, CPV Bidding
  • Conversion Tracking
  • AdWords Editor
  • Google My Client Center:
  • Dynamic Search Campaign, Call-Only Campaigns
  • Targeting Options- Target & Bid, Bid Only, Placements,
  • Keywords, Topics, Contextual Targeting
  • Text Ads and Guidelines
  • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines
  • True View Video Ads Format & Light Box Ads
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Performance Metrics: CTR, Avg. Position, Search Term
  • Report, Segment Data Analysis, Impression Shares
  • AdWords Policies, Ad Extensions
  • How to create a YouTube channel
  • Youtube Keyword Research
  • Publish a High Retention Video
  • YouTube ranking factors
  • YouTube Video Optimization
  • Promote Your Video
  • Use of playlists
  • Basics of YouTube AdSense

A module that is ideally intended to acquaint learners with the idea of remarketing and change. It will take you through subjects, for example, Manual Vs Dynamic remarketing, stepwise remarketing effort, significance of transformation following, change following usage and so forth Become a specialist in the specialty of utilizing remarketing to bring those clients back, and change or convert them into either drew in clients or into paying ones. Remarketing is viewed as helpful for pretty much every business. In this way, what better than straightforwardly realizing the expertise.

  • What Is Remarketing?
  • Benefits of Remarketing Strategy
  • What Is Conversion?
  • Implementation of Conversion Tracking
  • Result Analysis in Conversion Tracking
  • Importance of Conversion Tracking?
  • How to Build a Remarketing List?
  • Step by Step Remarketing Campaign
  • Result Analysis of Remarketing Campaign

In this module, we have zeroed in on giving handy web-based media improvement abilities to the students, to assist them with getting traffic and draw in crowd in a superior way, as a piece of their Digital Marketing tries. It covers procedures and methods for all the major and well known online media stages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on Aside from this, the students will be presented to the most recent patterns in web-based media, online media apparatuses and so on Before the finish of this one, students will get capable in Social Media Optimization, and its utilization for web based advertising.

LinkedIn has turned out into a platform that has become an integral part of Digital Marketing strategies, and cannot be sidelined. So, get to learn the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing with the help of this dedicated module, and become a LinkedIn marketing expert.

  • Benefits of Linkedin Network
  • Create a Linkedin Profile
  • Optimizing the Profile
  • Recommendations in Linkedin
  • Creating New Connections
  • Creating Company Page
  • Creating Showcase Page
  • Customization of Page
  • Posting Content in the Page
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Finding Jobs in Linkedin
  • Introduction to Linkedin Ads.
  • Types of Promotions
  • How to Use Filters in Linkedin
  • Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Dimensions and Rules
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn has transformed out into a stage that has become a vital piece of Digital Marketing techniques, and can’t be sidelined. Along these lines, will get familiar with the basics of LinkedIn advertising with the assistance of this devoted module, and become a LinkedIn promoting master

Over here, trainees will get to know how to make the optimum use of Google AdSense for business sites. Undergoing this module will take you through topics like effective tips in placing images, videos, and text ads into your website correctly, different kinds of ads, Adsense code installation etc. In addition, trainees will also be shown how to review the performance of the ads. Topics that will touch each and every aspect related to Google Adsense.

By the end of this module, trainees would be ready and equipped to even earn with the help of advertisements on their website.

Here, students will become more acquainted with how to utilize Google AdSense for business destinations. Going through this module will take you through points like viable tips in setting pictures, recordings, and text advertisements into your site accurately, various types of promotions, Adsense code establishment and so forth Likewise, students will likewise be told the best way to survey the exhibition of the advertisements. Themes that will contact every single perspective identified with Google Adsense.

Before the finish of this module, students would be prepared and furnished to try and acquire with the assistance of notices on their site.

As a part of this module, trainees will get to learn freelancing project management and execution specific skills, that would prove beneficial to those who are looking for a freelancing career. That too by getting a chance to work on live projects.

Growth Hacking Using Digital marketing covers topics like customer life cycle, basics of Growth Hacking, conversion optimization techniques etc. Growth hacking related case studies also form a part of this module.

Videos have already turned out into one of the most powerful and impactful forms of content. So, undergo this module, and be equipped to get started and come up with optimum video marketing strategies, as per the requirements. In the process, get insights into the use of online video marketing for better attracting, engaging and delighting the target audience.

  • Importance of Video Marketing
  • Create a Video Campaign
  • Location Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Creating Targeting Groups
  • Targeting Options in Video Ads
  • Types of Ad Formats
  • Measuring the Results of Campaign

Get acquainted with the utility Google Search Console, as a part of this module. Knowing how to use it, would help you to carry out tasks like check out the site-map, robots, listing of your site etc. The stepwise training would furnish you with an in-depth understanding of the Google Search Console. Trainees will also be introduced to important concepts like Accelerated Mobile Pages, Crawling, Internal Linking, International Targeting etc. The purpose of this module is to equip those, who wish to use the Google Search Console for SEO and ROI.

Get to know the utility Google Search Console, as a piece of this module. Realizing how to utilize it, would assist you with completing assignments like look at the site-map, robots, posting of your site

and so forth The stepwise preparing would outfit you with an inside and out comprehension of the Google Search Console. Students will likewise be acquainted with significant ideas like Accelerated Mobile Pages, Crawling, Internal Linking, International Targeting and so forth The reason for this module is to prepare those, who wish to utilize the Google Search Console for SEO and ROI.

Content Marketing forms an integral and vital part of Digital Marketing, and mainly deals with acquiring and retaining the target audience. That underlines the importance of Content Marketing.

Under this, trainees will gain the essential skills to come up with effective content strategies, and implement them. Some of the major topics covered under this module include, keyword research for content ideas, how to market content, how to optimize your content for the search engines etc. Also, the trainees will benefit from the case study on content marketing.

A detailed look into Content Marketing, is what you will get as a part of this module.

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Objective of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing 7 Steps Strategy Building Process
  • Types of Content
  • How to Write Great Compelling Content
  • Keyword Research for Content Ideas
  • Optimizing Content for Search Engines
  • How to Market Your Content
  • How to Increase Opt-In Mail List with Content Marketing
  • Case Study on Content Marketing

A module that is designed to train the trainees in planning and conceptualizing a website. It covers topics like difference between web and the Internet, different types of web servers and websites etc., under website planning. While under website planning and conceptualizing, you will get to learn things like booking a domain name and web hosting, adding webpage & content etc.

The importance of having this module in the syllabus is underlined from the fact that having a website is essential to have an online existence, and to carry out online branding. By the end of this module, the trainees will become proficient in conceptualizing, planning, designing and implementing a website.

  • Booking a Domain Name and Web Hosting
  • Adding the Domain Name to a Web Server
  • How to Install WordPress in Your Server
  • Theme Selection
  • Theme Customization
  • Page Building Using Elementor
  • How to Install and Integrate Most Used Plugins
  • Woocommerce Plugin for E-Commerce Website

Your gateway for effective Facebook/Instagram advertising. Learn the optimum and specific techniques and strategies to advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for the best results.

A tailor-made syllabus for all those who are at present into Facebook Ads Manager or “Boost Post” essentially, and who are looking to polish their skills and knowledge to an expert level.

We will teach you all the things you need to know regarding Facebook/Instagram Advertising. That too with a 100% practical approach!

  • Facebook Organic
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Personal Account Properties
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Types of Business Pages
  • Cover Photo Designing
  • Increase the Likes to Page
  • Page Management Options
  • Types of Posts and Statistics
  • Dimension in Post
  • Creative Posts Strategy
  • User Engagement Metrics
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  • Types of Promotions
  • Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Dimensions and Rules
  • Remarketing Campaign Strategy
  • Pixel Setup
  • Facebook Remarketing Setup
  • Reporting and Analysis


Your passage for viable Facebook/Instagram publicizing. Get familiar with the ideal and explicit procedures and techniques to promote on stages like Facebook and Instagram, for the best outcomes.


We will show you all the things you require to know with respect to Facebook/Instagram Advertising. That too with a 100% useful methodology!

Under this, trainees would benefit from a comprehensive understanding of how Twitter functions, and how this platform can be used for marketing and promotional activities. The trainees would be introduced to Twitter based concepts like types of promotions, advanced audience targeting, bidding strategies and more.

  • Benefits of Twitter For Businesses
  • How Brands Use Twitter
  • Profile Creation and Management
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Types of Tweets and Statistics
  • Content Strategy for Twitter
  • Post Your First Tweet
  • Analysis of Big Brands
  • Twitter Contests
  • What Is Hashtag?
  • #Hashtags and Its Uses.
  • Tools for Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Introduction to Twitter Ads.
  • Types of Promotions
  • Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Dimensions and Rules
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Conversion Tracking

Trainees will be introduced to Affiliate Marketing, a technique using which you can either earn a passive income, or make use of it to promote your business/products. Get an insight into how it works and its benefits.

A module that will prepare you to start your very own affiliate venture, or help you gain the level of expertize to counsel rest of the affiliate investors out there. Having the knowledge, incorporating affiliate marketing into your Digital Marketing endeavours will now become easy.

Students will be introduced with Affiliate Marketing, a strategy utilizing which you can either acquire an automated revenue, or utilize it to advance your business/items. Get a knowledge into how it functions and its advantages.

A module that will set you up to begin your own personal member adventure, or help you pick up the degree of expertize to direct rest of the associate financial specialists out there. Having the information, consolidating subsidiary advertising into your Digital Marketing tries will currently turn out to be simple.

Your gateway to get a hands on on the various social media automation software’s, apps and tools. Automation is after all, set to rule the world of social media. So, there is no alternative but to learn automation using tools such as Hootsuit, Buffer etc.

  • What Is Social Media Automation?
  • Social Media Automation/ Management Tool
  • Buffer/ Hootsuite/ Postcron
  • Setup Connection with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Etc.
  • Add/ Remove Profiles in Tools
  • Post Scheduling in Tools
  • Performance Analysis

Learn to design a website for your business, using WordPress. We have the best website development methods, for building advanced sites effortlessly with complete SEO Optimization, creating content and many more.

A module that is optimally designed to introduce trainees to the concept of remarketing and conversion. It will take you through topics such as Manual Vs Dynamic remarketing, stepwise remarketing campaign, importance of conversion tracking, conversion tracking implementation etc. Become an expert in the art of using remarketing in order to bring those customers back, and transform or convert them into either engaged users or into paying ones. Remarketing is considered to be beneficial for just about every business. So, what better than directly learning the skill

  • What Is Remarketing?
  • Benefits of Remarketing Strategy
  • How to Build a Remarketing List?
  • Step by Step Remarketing Campaign
  • Result Analysis of Remarketing Campaign
  • What Is Conversion?
  • Importance of Conversion Tracking?
  • Implementation of Conversion Tracking
  • Result Analysis in Conversion Tracking